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Remote IT Support
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Taking the headache away from your IT Support needs.

Remote IT Support

Remote IT Support

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Managed IT Services

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Remote IT Support

Remote IT Support

Reliable daily IT support when you need it

Your day-to-day IT systems shouldn’t feel like a constant challenge in your organisation. It’s perfectly reasonable for you to expect your IT issues to be resolved quickly.

When you work with Giga Ops you can be sure that we are dedicated to delivering customer focused, reliable and trustworthly IT support service.

Our dedicated team of technical experts keep things simple, straightforward and stress-free, and ensure IT support is there when you need it.

Reliable daily IT...
Outsource your IT...

Outsource your IT to save time and money

Outsourcing IT support can prevent frustration and wasted time. It ensures you and your team are free to focus on keeping your organisation running smoothly and delivering the best service to your customers.

Whether your business works 9 to 5, or around the clock, keeping your IT systems trouble free is what drives us at Giga Ops. Quite simply, we become an extension of your team.

Proactive general maintenance

The best IT support services are those that identify and deal with IT system issues before they become a more serious problem and cost the company money.

Through proactive monitoring and consistent system maintenance, our attentive and responsive team of experts help avoid system downtime and unnecessary costs.

Proactive general...
Data Backups...

Data backups and recovery

Data is the backbone of every business and organisation. If your data isn’t backed-up and secure, important information and many hours of work can be lost in an instant, either by accident or malicious intent.

There are so many automated data backup and recovery solutions available that it can be challenging to find the right one. We will work with you to understand your data usage and data protection needs and recommend the right solution.

Disaster recovery and business continuity

In an ever challenging world, when the worst happens and disaster strikes, are your organisations’ systems protected? Can you call upon a trusted team to support you in these challenging circumstances?

The calm and highly experienced team at Giga Ops have helped so many businesses, from small business owners to IT Managers get their software and hardware back up and running quickly.

We help by ensuring proactive and preventitive measures are in place, and help you plan and implement an efficient disaster recovery plan.

Disaster Recovery...

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Managed IT Services

Reactive and proactive IT support

If you’re spending too much time dealing with IT issues, it may be time to have your IT services managed for you. Software updates can be time consuming and system conflicts difficult to diagnose.

Trusting Giga Ops to take care of all your IT hassles will free you up so you can perform your role and achieve your own goals within your organisation.

Reactive and proactive...
Expert advice...

Expert advice and guidance

If you’re finding yourself spending hours online seeking out answers to your IT problems, maybe it’s time to delegate it to IT professionals who have all the answers at their fingertips?

Whether you’re a non-technical business owner or an IT professional, our decades of experience with public sector, business and corporate IT systems, enables the Giga Ops team to provide advice in the language you understand.

Server installation, monitoring and security

Servers are the information workhorses within your company, equipping your teams with the right access to the files and digital assets essential to your organisation. Server failure can cause serious issues and expensive downtime.

The IT professionals at Giga Ops can monitor your server performance, ensure the data on them is secure and manage your server installation and end of life replacement software, saving you time and uncertainty.

Server installation...
IT Hardware...

IT hardware procurement

Whether your equipment has reached the end of its life or you’re onboarding a new team member, it’s essential you purchase hardware that’s the right specification for the job it needs to perform.

Giga Ops have a wealth of experience regarding technology brands: laptops, desktop computers, printers, tablets, mobiles and everything that connects them. Let us recommend the best solutions for your needs.

IT strategy and technology budgeting

Planning your IT costs and strategy for the future will help you keep your technology and systems up to date, avoid future issues and prevent unexpected costs – keeping your finance team happy!

Giga Ops can help you plan and develop an effective IT strategy that complements and is aligned to your business strategy. Working with you, we will aim to maximise the efficiency of your IT environment and help deliver cost-effective IT solutions across your business.

IT Strategy...

Take advantage of a
Free IT Audit

We’ll visit, assess your needs, then provide a quote for your solutions.

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